This December Inter Poker is offering the chance to all of its platinum players to qualify for an extraordinary trip in Amsterdam, Holland. Winding Canals, a fabulous architecture, warm people, this is what you will find in Amsterdam.

After  the Inter Malta success , the people just wait for 4 outstanding days in The Netherlands!

What’s Planned?

  • 3 nights’ accommodation in a 5* hotel
  • Day at the Amsterdam Arena for Champions league match Ajax Vs Real Madrid
  • The full Heineken Experience at the Heineken Brewery
  • Full Transfers
  • Exclusive VIP day/night Excursions
  • Entry into the 10 player €4,000 All Winners Paid Rake Race

Inter Poker is running a leaderboard between 2nd November – 22nd November  and as high is your place on the leaderboard , you will choose what package suits you . Depending of your points made by you, you could qualify for an additional All Players Paid Winners Rake Race held  between 28thNovember – 3rd December held exclusively for the winners!

Don`t think about failure, don`t though about you will not getting to the first 10 players because you will still have a chance if you place between 11th – 20th position, because you will qualify to a special Tournament held on 29 November and to the winner will be given a Platinum Amsterdam package!