Masterpiece of Cake!


A true Masterpiece of Cake!


Tell us about your family’s ethnic background.

I was born in Costa Rica and moved to Europe when I was 6 years old. After living in Switzerland for a few years, I moved to Holland and have stayed ever since.


How did you get involved with baking?

I have always been interested in arts and crafts – sculpting, etc. I participated in a cake decoration workshop in January 2010 and became very interested in working with cakes and baked goods. I started doing cakes for friends and family, and my business grew very quickly.


Who comes up with most of the ideas for the cakes? Is it the customer or is it you?

Usually, the customer knows the theme – as the cakes are for a special occasion or event. We discuss what type of design they are looking for, and then I get started. It’s almost always a collaborative process.


What is the weirdest cake you’ve ever made?

I haven’t really made a cake that’s “weird” (to me, at least), but I’ve gotten some very weird requests. One potential customer asked for a man’s body wearing only underwear and his penis sticking out! However, I didn’t end up doing the cake…


And the most elaborate?

Recently, I made a cake for a Pulp Fiction themed party – the cake was five layers and featured different scenes and quotes from the film. 


What kind of cake or dessert would you want on your birthday?

I’m going to turn 30 in January. I plan on throwing a party but I have no idea what the theme will be.


What are your 2 favorite flavor combos for desserts?

Lemon and raspberry.

What cakes, exactly, are the best selling?

Children’s cakes.


Can you give four tips for readers who want to make pastry at home?

1. Don’t be scared, just do it.

2. Use google for recipes and design ideas.

3. Take a workshop to get started and get more comfortable with the materials.

4. Start with something simple that you already feel confident about. 


What is next for masterpiece of cake?

To be the next Cake Boss!


Masterpiece Of Cake