Es-Paradis Interview with Marisol in Ibiza

Es Paradis is the first club I ever been to in my life…

At the age of 6 I went to their day time water party. Back then a party with a few hundred owners of bars, clubs, restaurants, people who worked on the island and their kids. All crazy madness, and from then on I decided Ibiza was the place to be.. at 14 I started flyering for the same club, and around 22 I finally was allowed behind the bar and do gogo dancing. Still its my favorite club on the island. No one acts to good for their own shoes, and everyone is there to have the most amazing night they will remember forever.
Let me introduce to you Marisol, who owns the club with her father Pepe.


Hi, how are you today? Well, is our first day working after the Christmas
Holidays and we are organizing our agendas to prepare next season 2012

Please can you introduce yourself a little bit? Name, where are you, from,
what do you do?
My name is Marisol Aguirre and I was born in Barcelona but
spent most of my life in Ibiza. My family is the owner of Es Paradis night
club in Ibiza and basically I run the club together with my father.

You have worked several jobs, and studied before starting at Es Paradis, can you tell something about it?

I have a degree in Law and Interior Design and also an MBA and Master in Communication. I´ve been
working in other clubs in Barcelona when I was studying there to make some money and also in a couple of places in Madrid as an interior designer but I realized very soon that what I really wanted to do is being here in Ibiza and run the club my family opened 36 years ago.
How is it to run one of the biggest clubs in Ibiza? How do you manage to fill it up every night for a full summer?Well, I think is very important to have a good team where everybody agrees about what to do and how to do it. Also you need to love this job because we spend lots of hours working. We try to have a different kind of music every night of the week and improve our most important night, the Water Party. Also we carefully make a Marketing Plan every year, having in mind the situation in the island and around the world, to promote our product the best we can.
Laws are stricter and stricter, how do you deal with those?Es Paradis doesn´t have any problem with laws which, many people doesn´t  know about this, but most of laws have always been the same. The problem is many clubs don´t follow them.


At your level in the club industry there are not many women, if any at all, how is it to be one of the few? How they treat you at meetings?This is true, there is no other woman running a club in Ibiza right now but I guess there will be some more in the future. The truth is that I have a really good relationship with other club owners and managers and some of them are my friends. There are no difference between males and females in this Ibiza Clubs business.

How did you make your word count?

As I said before we respect each other without making differences…

Which clubs/nights are your biggest competitors?

It depends on the season and the night. We all have some big nights and that is good, because
competence makes you improve.

How is it to keep a club going, with less tourists, who have less money, and a shorter summer?

It´s difficult but after 36 (almost 37) summers we know how to adapt, save money and change the strategy if we need it.

The biggest party for locals/workers of the year on the island is still the birthday party in the summer, can you tell something about it?

All the island love that party. It´s a huge Private Water Party for all our friends and we invite around 1.000 people in the day time and cook a huge paella. It’s a gorgeous Pool Party!!!! I love it because I can see there some friends I can´t see in the whole summer because I have no time. We play all kind of music, from 80´s Disco Music, Spanish music, salsa, etc. Whatever that makes you dance.

What is your favorite night at your club?

Water Party of course!!! Fun, fresh and more and more successful every summer!

What is your favorite hide away in Ibiza, and what is not to be missed?

Punta Galera is one of my favourite places in Ibiza, Cala Conta beach is also beautiful and sailing in the north of the island is a nice experience. And everyone should visit the old town “Dalt Vila” and the San Antonio famous Sunsets…

Cala Conta

Punta Galera

Benirass in the north of Ibiza

What can we look forward to for 2012 at Es Paradis?

Many Water Parties of course!!! Ibiza Rocks After Show will also be here and we are rigt now planning the rest of the nights. We will announce everything very soon at and Es Paradis Ibiza Official, our page on Facebook.

Thank you so much! See you in the summer!

You´re more than welcome!!!
Looking forward to seeing you all over here!