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Song title: Gspot Music: SaBo-FX Video (edit): SaBo-FX

Models in this video (in order of appearance): [jow momah] Audrey Nicole Jennie Reid Megan Medellin Shantal Monique Cassandra Dawn

Music Background info: This song is loosely based on Alan Parson’s Project’s Sirius. I ‘m quite happy how the vocoder samples worked out. gspot

Video Background info: My logo at the beginning of this video is a simple example of what can be achieved with the new Adobe After Effects CS6 ray tracer (without any additional plugins). It’s finally possible to add depth to text. Another great improvement is how AE CS6 caches video data to disk in the background. All in all great upgrade! For this video I spend a lot of time on the timing. I hope you like the result.

Credits / disclaimer: Gspot I need to credit Playboy for providing the high quality footage for this video! For several reasons, I had to cut out most the juicy bits from the original footage. I don’t need a lawsuit from Playboy. But don’t let me stop you from downloading the uncensored videos from Access requires a paid subscription. (just so you know).

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Recommendations: Listen to the music on either a headphone or some big ass speakers (to fully enjoy the baseline). Watch the video in 1080p for the ultimate audiovisual experience!

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Audio/Video software used: (no hardware synth) gspot * Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3 * VST Re-FX Nexus 2 * VST ImageLine Vocodex * VST Stylus RMX * Adobe Audition CS6 * Adobe After Effects CS6 * Magnum The Edit Detector AE script * ffmpeg

Thanx & greetz: * My girlfriend Hoda for reviewing the video, giving honest feedback and putting up with my obsessive behavior in general. * My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on video on this production * VIP Service Amsterdam & Ibiza™ for their continuous support! Gspot