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Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO: is an event management company that performs, cultural and social events, in combination with artistic events worldwide. Echolatino main objective is the purchase and sales throughout Latin America known orchestras accompanied by important goods and services, this means that the company offers an event management service which is accompanied by other services and goods for the best presentation of the event Salsa Bachata.

Echolatino presents music Festival Dembow Europa tour 2012

Echolatino presents music Festival Dembow Europa tour 2012 Salsa Bachata

The efforts of the Dem bow music tells us that there is another kind of carriers where many are struggling with an huge desire to get out of the mud, so we (Echolatino) presents this festival, helping these young people to get out of the crushing poverty that exists in marginalized neighborhoods in our country (Dominican Republic). They have created this rage which is expanding worldwide.

Those guys are winners and the history of each has sufficient merit to win the award for youth. Most of these young people come from very humble sectors, without a home, without access to education, have been from bootblack to bus conductors. And that’s the same table facing each day over 60% of Dominicans.

Right now, the only alternative this young people have is committing crimes or with better luck going to Spain or EE. UU. However, the exponents of Dembow have overcome all these barriers and if they are idolized is because they deserve it, because of where they come from, its a miracle that where they come from not being a robber or an drug dealer or using other crimes too survive.

These young people have had success and fame without resources and with no musical knowledge.

I think most of them have just the 7th of primary and still see how they beat themselves and grow. And so become idols, because they are a living example of the reality that this country(Dominican Republic) lives an that many people want to turn their backs to. But have exceeded their reality, obstacles, and today have struggled through the music that I call the “Verse of the Marginalized”, their stories, indirectly, carry a message of hope that it can be reached. The Denbow Festival Volume 1, is the true expression of the Dominican people on stage.

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Salsa Bachata

Latin gaat vip!

Latin gaat vip! echo latino es latino echo! wat als vertaling omschrijft, geproduceerd door latin artiesten en latin muziek wat weer vertaald word in verschillende stijlen zoals salsa, bachata, merengue en urban.

Urban kan uitgesplitst worden in reggeaton, dembow en mambo wat veel meer gedanst of beluisterd word door jonger publiek! En dus vaak gedraaid word in discoteek en latin evenementen door de grote hype van de laatste jaren van de latinsound en de vele optredens van internationale latin artiesten heeft een groot publiek belangstelling gekregen voor Salsa, Bachata en Merengue, en voor vele leeftijden geschikt is in de multiculturele gemeenschap waar we in leven.

De evenementen zijn in de loop der jaren zo vergroot dat vele mensen het zien als een geselecteerd uitje met viptables en Limousines services waar ze dan ook gretig gebruik van maken en met een groep het latin evenement bezoeken en bij elkaar kunnen zitten en genieten van de latin artiest of latin orkest op de voorste gedeeltes van de VIP ruimte en daar graag bediend worden.

Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO


Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO:  is an event management company that performs, cultural and social events, in combination with artistic events worldwide. Echolatino main objective is the purchase and sales throughout Latin America known orchestras accompanied by important goods and services, this means that the company offers an event management service which is accompanied by other services and goods for the best presentation of the event .

company’s goal is to be leaders in organizing events, providing a total efficiency, objectivity in the tasks or work ordered by the customers in case of organizations.

Echolatino also takes aim at Europe and Latin America to get young talent to make their dreams realities, and to be a big star in the world of Afro-Caribbean music, because in their countries of origin  they do not have the resources necessary to develop their artistic talents.

Mission To contribute to improving the functioning of enterprises, promoting a suitable environment for the provision of development services and event promoter, highlighting the ethical values of the company and staff that consists, to thereby increase and improve every day , competitiveness and organizational excellence and all those who dive into this sector promoter of artistic events.

Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO

Vision In the next two years, having positioned our organization as a leader and innovator in providing development services and promoter of arts events through a dynamic service, creative, aesthetic and great design, and with sufficient capacity to generate customer satisfaction.

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Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO


Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO: es una empresa de organización de eventos que realiza , eventos culturales y sociales, combinandoles con eventos artísticos a nivel mundial. Echolatino tiene como principal objetivo la compra y ventas de orquestas conocidas de toda latinoamérica acompañado de bienes y servicios importantes, esto quiere decir que la empresa ofrece un servicio de organización de eventos el cual va acompañado de otros servicio y bienes para la mejor presentación del evento.La meta de la empresa es ser lideres en la organización de eventos, brindando una total eficacia, objetividad en las tareas o trabajos dispuestos por los clientes en caso de organizaciones.Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHO LATINO Echolatino lleva también como objetivo en Europa y Latinoamérica de lograr que jovenes talentos Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHO LATINO puedan hacer sus sueños realidades, y de ser una gran estrella en el mundo de la música afroantillana, ya que en sus paises de origen, no cuentan con los recursos necesarios de desarrollar sus talentos artisticos. Misión Contribuir al mejoramiento del funcionamiento de las empresas, propiciando un ambiente adecuado para la prestación del servicio de desarrollo y promotor de eventos, exaltando los valores éticos de la empresa y del personal que la compone; para de esta manera, incrementar y mejorar cada día, la competitividad y excelencia de la organización y de todas aquellas que se sumergen en este sector de promotor de eventos artísticos. Visión En los próximos dos años, lograr posicionar nuestra organización, como líder e innovadora en la prestación de servicios de desarrollo y promotor de eventos artísticos a través de un servicio dinámico, creativo, estético y con gran diseño ; y con la capacidad suficiente de generar satisfacción de nuestros clientes. Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO 

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 Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO

Sexappeal bio

Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO, NEW YORK, July 27, 2012. – The New Farandula & The Latin Post. The phenomenon of sauce this time, Dominican. Sexappeal after exhausting one of the most anticipated events in the city of New York, as will the closure of the Bronx Dominican Day Parade, on stage this summer hottest in the city that never sleeps, New York, “The Navy, Manhattan Beach “a production of my friend John Paul, steeled by the master of Puerto Rico, Patrick Martinez, Sexappeal, after which I am sure you will win in” La Marina ” The Black Swing, exhausted one of the most important and awaited European tour. The old continent with the Swing Sexappeal cache. Dominican salsa sex appeal is the most favored by God in the well-tuned musical scales and especially to get to everyone’s taste / as it is definitely not for less, is an exquisite voice, which appeals to all the world, Sexappeal is a good salsa artist. As his singing has come, even unsuspected steps to achieve it. Everyone who likes the genre “salsa” We know that listening to instead listen Sexappeal is the swing that made a distinctive mark of quality and identifiable from its inception to the present, now more digitized, most updated and especially more people, more human, a salsa with class and distinction at all. I always love to write in care of artists that have elegance. On this trip through Europe, from the hands of the entrepreneur that I see things in art is the most serious businessman Parian Dominican Republic, Mr. Francisco Montas, a man with class distinction, but the talent of this artist Swing result (total success) is that everything worked perfect as are all major events held in Europe Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO, especially Germany appoints some of the many that Francisco Montas has produced and sold throughout the European continent. Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willy Colon, Victor Manuel and other big Latino festival in Europe, “Echolatino”, most notably Germany. This platform was created with discretion, serious and well built Sexappeal makes me think that success is assured in this tour that the newspaper The New Farándula, is invited to cover for all events will soon Prince Royce, in style in the old European continent. Sexappeal is the salsa that is playing now throughout the Americas, there are new values of the salsa genre they are doing their row, all very good, knowing that black talk of Swing is the most quoted from start to the present and demonstrate this Sunday in The New York Marina, an area with capacity for 4.000 people and I have no doubt it will be a full house as are all major events. I always say that as an artist management will be the successes achieved and Sexappeal is fortunate to have excellent composers, entrepreneurs such as John Paul Ent. Head to Head “La Marina” The city beach of Manhattan, drivers such as my friend Alberto Cruz and to fill the knob now joins the more serious entrepreneur businessman Don Francisco Latino Europe Montas. All friends of the newspaper The New Farándula. Sex appeal is one of those great salsa, which has benefited from one of the greatest voices in the world of Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO, with his promotional tour in May and June across Europe demonstrated again that belongs to a generation of salsa that is disappear, so Echolatino team decided to prepare a second tour around the old continent, for those who have not had the chance to see it or present it in their clubs or dance halls, take advantage from August 29 to 12 October for recruitment information and contact Mr. Francisco Montas in Germany, Email Montas Francisco, with its slogan. LIVE AND LET LIVE.If you take the decision to submit, no doubt you will not regret 

Salsero Sexappeal en su Gira Europa Tour 2012

Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO

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Salsa Bachata and Urbano ECHOLATINO