Fashion Lab Is Being Launched In Amsterdam “When fashion meets technology”

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I was invited last thursday to Dassault Systèmes launch FashionLab on the Dutch market,during an outstanding lunch at the Coolbrandhouse in Amsterdam.
Fashion Lab is technology incubator dedicated to stylist, fashion designers and the entire fashion industry. Fashion Lab brings advanced 3D to the fashion industry. It couples the engineering creativity of Dassault Systèmes with the artistic inventiveness and industry know-how of the fashion community. It aims to give rise to fashion offerings that integrate the design, simulation and collaboration tools required to create an entire collection.

fashion lab

Believe me was such lovely lunch by Coolbrandshouse.


Jerôme Bergeret, director of Fashion Lab at Dassault Systèmes, said: “FashionLab will deliver the power of 3D experiences to a new audience and develop the next generation of fashion designers.
Watch the video below and learn more about Fashion Lab

Fashion lab

A very big thank you to Fashion Lab and Peter Gloudemans for such a lovely morning and fascinated presentation! I felt very honoured to be part of it.
I am fascinated with this new fashion technology.
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