Dj Marcel Bronny

Within the dance music sphere in the Netherlands, Marcel Bronny,s name invokes great memories of his unforgettable performance at different destinations around the country. His ability to incorporate diverse style and genres, and above that his capacity for merging his music with his untainted emotion has seen him become one of the truly esteemed DJs in the Netherlands.
He come from Amsterdam, the city that has served the world as one of the best breeding grounds for musical talents. He started out his spinning career at the age of 21 in a few local clubs and a local radio station in Amsterdam. His passion for music eventually brought him in the well-known and eminent Club IT in Amsterdam to spin with the world famous DJ JEAN.

In the following years, as word started to spread his fame, Marcel started to spin in all pinnacle clubs in the Netherlands where he spanned sessions for crowds up to 3000 people in places such as ESCAPE and Marcanti (Amsterdam), Scala (Utrecht), Tialf (Heerenveen), Lexion Venue (Westzaan), Hemkade (Zaandam) Los angeles ,St Petersburg rusland, Spain and more. Its not Marcel,s sets that were remarkable in all senses, but his ability to communicate with his audience which truly boosts the quality of his work and makes him remain at the forefront of the club culture in the Netherlands. Marcel was 10 years nr 1 dj from the famos afterhourclub from Amsterdam (Dino,s.)
In 2003 Marcel initiated in full swing the House of Bounce party event in the famous nightclub Escape in Amsterdam. The event became famous as Marcel started to perform at his best side by side the top DJs from the Dutch music industry.
During the years, Marcel Bronny hasn’t just laid his focus on playing excellent music for his crowd but he’s also been highly active making it. His particular and expert focus has been laid on making and merging different styles, like Techouse,Techno,Tribal,Clubhouse and Minimal.