SEVEN KINGS, the family of the Gipsy Kings

Seven Kings

Seven kings

Seven Kings

The new generation of the Gypsy Kings, comprised of the sons and cousins of the original Gypsy Kings, accompanied by several of the same back-up musicians who traveled with the Gypsy Kings.

Seven Kings

Seven Kings is the third generation of singers from the Reyes, Jose Reyes and after the famous Gipsy Kings.
Seven Kings interpret the most beautiful songs from the Gipsy Kings, and new songs await you in this new tour.
Thus they follow the path of the great line of Reyes. 
Seven kings

The Gipsy Kings their Fathers


In the 1970

First there was Jose who sang while working on the road, traveling in his caravan, with the tribe and the installation in and around Arles. It was long pilgrimage to Saintes Maries de la Mer, where all the waiting. With Manitas de Plata, they turned ensembles around the world and became Jose Reyes. It was the same man, simple, warm, loving life, family friends. True, he sang and met many celebrities Dali, Charlie Chaplin and many others … He always came home in Arles with pockets full of gifts for his children (5 boys and 6 girls). With his elder son Paul, Canut, Nicolas Patches and he formed the band Los Reyes and Jose and it was his pride. It lasted a short time, the wind won. Son of the wind he was born the son of the wind he left. What he has left is his talent, he sent them is music, song and thanks to luiqu’ils became the Gipsy Kings. The brothers joined the Baliardo but the soul of Jose has always been present.The group will be known after several years of struggling with tubes Bamboleo (resumption of a medley of Caballo viejo (a classic of Venezuela) and the chorus of Bamboleo the Brazilian Carmen Miranda Julio Iglesias was interpreted as the Caballo Viejo (Bamboleo) and Djobi Djoba produced by PEM in 1987. This album a resounding success both in France and worldwide and will be the beginning of a long series.The training has even become the first French group a gold record in the United States. The Gipsy Kings have won the Victoires de la Musique Group of the Year in 1990.

Twenty years later, the Gipsy Kings have made many trips around the world that has career years, they remain the French company that sells the most records across the globe despite a tentative recognition in their home country . They tirelessly pursue their way.

In early 2007, Canut Reyes, created the association “the world of Jose Reyes,” to work towards the recognition of Gypsies by socio-cultural projects. His first step is to seek a place of Arles, is named after their father Jose Reyes.

Press Conference on March 9, 2011 to launch the Group Seven Kings in the presence of the Gipsy Kings.

André, Nicolas & Pablo Reyes

Nicolas, André, Pablo & Seven Kings



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