Snoop Dogg & L.Giano in Club Air Amsterdam

Music With Style: L.Giano & Snoop Dogg in Club Air Amsterdam

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg

by Arzu Aksoy

My love for Hip Hop will always be, I got a major heart for some oldskool, back in the days music & lyrics by Hip Hop legends. Last Monday there was a single release party for up-and-coming (Dutch) artist L.Giano & Snoop Dogg – Girls Girls Girls in Club Air Amsterdam. Of course I had to be there!


L.Giano did it, definitely a dream coming true for him and I’m so proud to see how people like him are stepping out of their comfort zone and go for everything that has no limits.

The evening started with a press conference: press had the chance to ask questions about their collaboration and experiences. With every answer came an endless smile and the joy was so present at L.Giano’s face! Snoop Dogg & L.Giano were dropping beats & music the entire evening like it was HOT! And we did liked it, hands in the air and wave ‘em like we just don’t care! Shining ladies spoiling the crowd with master cupcakes by Classy Bitez! I even spotted some girls at this party wearing my I AM ZU feathers, awesome!

Pictures by Arzu Aksoy

source; By Styling Amsterdam