Song title: Impulse
Music, Graphics & Design: SaBo-FX

Models in order of first appearance:
Ali Rose filmed by Holly Randall
Natasha Anastasia by Joby Rawlins

Video Background info: Climax
I combined footage from 6 different clips that each had their atmosphere, colors and lighting. I did my best to tweak the material in a uniform blend. There are just 2 girls in this video, although you might think that there are more. Btw.. Yes I know… there´s a tiny ´beaver shot´ of Ali Rose in the video. I left it in there for all you perverts out there 😉

Music Background info: Climax
About two months ago I started to work on another track that was originally intended to be the soundtrack for this video. But when I finished the song, it just wasn’t right for this type of video.
You can find that song on my Soundcloud:

So I started from scratch to find a song that would better fit this video, when I stumbled on this soundtrack. This tune was inspired by a song that resurfaced from a backup CD from the year 1999 that I found back amongst my closed full of shit. The original song was called “Blood War” by Jess D Skov-Nielsen from Denmark (also known as Ramzo). He composed the song to enter the Creative (Labs) Open MIDI Contest which he won with this track. I found out on that he entered the track into the completion with as comment: ”This tune is inspired from the AD&D world ‘Planescape’ where there is an eternal battle between hundreds of demons and devils of hell called ‘The Bloodwar’.” The music competition was organized by Creative Labs to promote their ‘Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold card’ audio card. Back in the previous century, this was an amazing piece of hardware for anyone wanting to get into electronic composition of music. When I got my hands on my own ‘Sound Blaster AWE64’ back in 1999, it really kicked my music into gear. With the soundcard came a CDROM with drivers and also some demonstration MIDI files. One of these tracks was “Blood War”. You can download my version of the song from:

If there’s any particular song that you would like to have ‘sabotaged’ for a future video, let me know!

Credit where credit is due:
Thanks Playboy! For providing the high quality footage for this video! I have cut out the juiciest sexy bits from the original footage. Why? Being a big fan of Playboy, my aim is not to cost them any subscribers. And I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands. But don’t let me stop you from fetching the full length uncensored videos from the source at (Requires paid subscription)
And of course lots of thanx to mr Ramzo who provided the inspiration for the soundtrack of this video.

Audio software used in this production:
* Cakewalk Sonar 8.5.3
* VST Re-FX Nexus 2
* VST Tone2 Saurus
* VST MeldaProduction Dynamic Equalizer
* Cakewalk Z3TA+ (as reverb FX)
* VST Native Instruments KONTAKT (Choir+orchestra)
* Adobe Audition CS6

Video software used in this production:
* Adobe After Effects CC
* AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D
* AE plugin Red Giant Trapcode Suit
* AE script Magnum The Edit Detector
* Adobe Photoshop CC
* ffmpeg

Notice to webmasters:
Feel free to embed my video(s) on your website. Sharing is caring!

Personal thanx & greetz:
* My girlfriend Hoda for reviewing the video, giving honest feedback and putting up with my obsessive behavior in general.
* Daulton Gordon for promoting my videos and providing moral support
* My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on video on this production

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