Delicious SaBO-FX 


Song title: Delicious
Music, Graphics, Editing and Effects: SaBo-FX

Models, directors and producers in order of first appearance:
0:13 Elizabeth Marxs, by Holly Randall
0:19 Zoi, by Holly Randall
0:22 Rachel Lynn Owen, by Jose Luis and Chris Binney
0:28 Shelby Chesnes, by Scott Copeand Ted Newsome
0:52 Ann Denise, by Joby Rawlins
1:17 Cora Banks, by Jose Luis and Chris Binney
1:23 Dominika C, by Holly Randall
1:29 Lana James, by Jose Luis and Chris Binney

To fully appreciate all the effects within this video, I recommend watching it in a darkened environment on a very clear and bright screen.

Background info Soundtrack:
It has taken me a while to decide on which soundtrack to use for this video.
The song that ended up to be the soundtrack of this video was loosely inspired on a song by none other than Liesbeth List. She performed the song on a TV-show called ‘Ali B op Volle Toeren’.
After hearing the song, I asked my friend (and talented musician) Jochem to come over to help me figure out the chords. Once I had the chords, I played around with them to create the soundtrack for this video. I’ve long been a fan of the dub-step genre. But up until now I was unsuccessful in producing any of my own. And although I´ll be the first to admit that this soundtrack only slightly resembles dub-step, I still quite satisfied with the result.
If there’s any particular song that you would like to have ‘sabotaged’ for a future video, let me know!

Credit where credit is due:
Thanks Playboy! For providing the high quality footage for this video! I have cut out the juiciest sexy bits from the original footage. Why? Being a big fan of Playboy, my aim is not to cost them any subscribers. Also I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands. But don’t let me stop you from fetching the full length uncensored videos from the source at (Requires paid subscription)

After years of resistance, I finally gave in to the dark side of internet…
As from now, you can download or watch my music, videos, and updates on Facebook:

Notice to webmasters:
Feel free to embed my video(s) on your website. Sharing is caring!
A pm to let me know isn’t mandatory, but much appreciated!

Audio software in this production:
* Cakewalk Sonar X3 (yes, yes!!!! I finally switched to the most recent version of Sonar)
* VST Re-FX Nexus
* VST MeldaProduction
* Cakewalk Z3TA+ (as reverb FX)
* VST Native Instruments KONTAKT (Choir + orchestra)
* Adobe Audition CC

Video software used in this production:
* Adobe After Effects CC
* AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D
* AE plugin Video copilot Twitch
* AE script Magnum The Edit Detector
* Adobe Photoshop CC

Personal thanx & greetz:
* Jochem for helping me with the soundtrack
* My girlfriend Hoda for reviewing the video, giving honest feedback and putting up with my obsessive behavior in general.
* Daulton Gordon for promoting my videos and providing moral support
* My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on video on this production

PS: If you have a job (audio / video design) for me? Plz send me a message!