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Models, directors and producers in order of first appearance:
0:22 Mandy Kay by Jose Luis and Chris Binney
0:31 Shelby Chesnes by Bobby Hewitt

Background info Soundtrack:
The soundtrack is partly based on an existing dubstep remix of PrimaDonna by RoughMath. But my version adds a high quality vocal and more variation to (Particularly from the second half of) the song. Download your free copy of the soundtrack

Credit where credit is due:
Thanks Playboy! For providing the high quality footage for this video! I have cut out the juiciest sexy bits from the original footage. Why? Being a big fan of Playboy, my aim is not to cost them any subscribers. Also I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands. Get the full length uncensored material from the source at (Requires paid subscription)

Soundtrack, 3D Graphics, Editing: SaBo-FX
Song title: Prima Donna Girl (Dubstep Remix)
Original song:


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Audio software in this production:
* Cakewalk Sonar X3
* VST Re-FX Nexus
* VST MeldaProduction
* Cakewalk Z3TA+ (as reverb FX)
* VST Native Instruments KONTAKT (Choir + orchestra)
* Adobe Audition CC

Video software used in this production:
* Adobe After Effects CC
* AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D
* AE plugin Video copilot Twitch
* AE script Magnum The Edit Detector
* Adobe Photoshop CC (video/soundtrack cover)

Personal thanx & greetz:
* RoughMath for inspiring remix
* Daulton Gordon for promoting my videos
* My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback