SaBo-FX – Festival (Adagio 4 Strings remix)

SaBo-FX – Festival (Adagio 4 Strings remix) from sabofx on Vimeo.

Festival (Adagio 4 Strings remix)

Models and directors in order of first appearance: 0:25 Mandy Kay by Jose Luis and Chris Binney 0:40 Jessica Ashley by Scott Cope

Soundtrack info: This soundtrack is a reincarnation of by Samuel Barber’s Adagio for strings arrangement that he composed back in 1936. I’m particularly happy with the intro of the soundtrack. The choir in the intro is produced by combining two of my favorite Kontakt libraries: Soundiron Olympus Elements and VOXOS Epic Choirs. IMHO the combination very much resembles an actual choir. Artists like William Orbit, Ferry Corsten and Tiesto have also made productions based on the same melody. But I felt that there was room for one more 😉 Download your free copy of the soundtrack from

Credit where credit is due: I’d like to thank everyone involved in recording the festival footage that I edited into my video! Also thank you Playboy for providing the high quality footage of the two beautiful models! I cut out the juiciest sexy bits from the original footage. Why? Being a big fan of Playboy, my aim is not to cost them any subscribers. Also I don’t need a lawsuit on my hands. Get the full length uncensored material from the source at (Requires paid subscription)

3D Graphics and video editing: SaBo-FX


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Audio software in this production: * Cakewalk Sonar X3d * VST Re-FX Nexus * VST MeldaProduction * VST LennarDigital Sylenth1 * VST Native Instruments KONTAKT (Choir) * Adobe Audition CC 2014

Video software used in this production: * Adobe After Effects CC 2014 * AE plugin Video Copilot Element 3D * AE script Magnum The Edit Detector * Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (video/soundtrack cover)

Personal thanx & greetz: * My friends & co-workers for giving honest feedback on the video and soundtrack