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VIP Destinations 

 VIP Destinations in other countries,  recommended by VIP SERVICE Amsterdam & Ibiza™ 

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Find a quick weekend or short break to a wide choice of getaway places in other VIP Destinations

Long haul beach VIP destinations.

Top Asia holiday destinations.

Looking for the world’s best VIP destinations.

Long haul beach VIP destinations

If you are flying long haul, the world is your oyster. You could be sunning yourself in the Maldives, unwinding in Mauritius or shell-hunting on a deserted island in the Seychelles. If you like to combine beach and city, we recommend Rio de JaneiroSydneyMiami or Cape Town – four of the most amazing VIP destinations on Earth.

Asia has more than its share of amazing beaches. We love Malaysia and Vietnam, though it’s hard to beat Bali or Thailand – especially Koh Samui. Lesser-known VIP destinations include Borneo, which has superb beaches and wildlife.

Costa Rica Vacations

VIP Destinations

Costa Rica Vacations
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The Caribbean is an all-year round beach destination. Choose from the social whirl of Barbados, the charm and character of Jamaica or the small-town vibe of Tobago or Grenada. Divers should head to the Cayman Islands without passing Go, while Cuba is a great beach-and-culture VIP destination. See our full selection of the best Caribbean holidays.

VIP Destinations

In South America, Brazil has some of the most wonderful VIP destinations  beaches anywhere on the planet. Africa also has many first-class options, including Madagascar, while Kenya is great value.

You can’t get much further than New Zealand but it’s well worth the journey with some of the world’s most extraordinary scenery, along with great wine, food and friendly people. Try these tailormade VIP Destinations.

Top Asia holiday destinations

If world-class beaches and relaxation are what you look for in a holiday, then you need look no further than Asia. The island of Koh Samui is one of Thailand’s most popular VIP destinations due to its powder-soft beaches, busy nightlife and fantastic diving.

The eastern coast of Malaysia teams a wonderful coastline with fantastic food and some of the country’s best hotels, while the clear blue seas of Bali provide the perfect backdrop for this Indonesian island’s stunning scenery and spirituality. VIP destinations

Sri Lanka has lovely hotels, charming people, great food and many cultural treasures. India is quite simply amazing but don’t try to see too much of it in one attempt. We recommend a private tour in a chauffeur-driven car. Or bite off a small chunk such as the laid-back southern state of Kerala.

Also in Asia, Burma is slowly opening its doors to tourism – a beautiful, fragile VIP destinations  country that will fascinate and beguile you. You could also take a tour of Borneo which is renowned for it’s stunning wildlife.

There are few VIP destinations more exciting and fascinating than Cambodia. The beautiful jungle-clad temple complex of Angkor should be on everybody’s “must see” list, but the country’s food, friendly people, great hotels and beaches are all worth writing home about.

Asia is home to three of the most distinctive cities in the world which are perfect VIP destinations. Tokyo combines the world’s most advanced technology with some of its oldest cultural rituals. Join a tour and see the rest of this fascinating VIP destinations country.

Beijing is also a wonderful mix of the old and the new, and as China slowly opens itself up to the West, there has never been a better time to visit. Meanwhile, Moscow offers unrivalled cultural pomp and grandeur as well as the political intrigues of the Kremlin. VIP destinations  It can be combined with a visit to St Petersburg.

Looking for the world’s best VIP destinations

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